Nine suggestions for fashion style

by - 18.10.17

Nine suggestions for fashion style

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Feel excited? Too many clothes to choose from? Now listen to my ten fashion tops suggestion, making your right 
1. Woman tops
When the dry leaves fall on the ground, we know that Autumn is coming. Autumn means cool weather, and you 
know what, it also means you should reorganize your cloth set!
The Cat Ear Hoodie is my favorite, it's designed in loose style with a really cute cat’s face, and what’s more, 
special cat ear on the back make this hoodie more adorable.

Cat Ear Hoodie

Available online
New user price: 12.55
New user price: 15.44
There must be some basic pullover hoodie on everyone’s cloth set, this one just design with the basic style, 
however, three different color makes it more energetic.


Pullover Drop Shoulder Hoodie

Available online
New user price:16

And this pullover off the shoulder chunky sweater, design as warm and sexy, girls you really should get one.

Available online
New user price:17.44

  1. Man top
Is fashion all about the girl? No! Guys, you should know everyone is equal even in the fashion world. So I 
recommend you this man Slim Fit Spliced Pullover Sweater. Get one for your boyfriend's girls, take your BF into 
considering when you are shopping. For a single boy, I am sorry you have to buy it for yourself!

Available online
Price: 32
New user price: 22.4

If you don’t like the sweater, how about this block hoodie?


Available online
Price: 19.73
New user price: 13.81

  1. Christmas decoration
Christmas is coming, and here I recommend some Christmas theme clothes for all of you!
Your dress is also part of Christmas decoration!


Christmas Tree Cat Print Drawstring Hoodie

Price: 23.02
New user price: 16.11

Striped Belt Print Christmas Leggings

Price: 15.65

New user price: 10.96

Christmas Print T-shirt

Price: 24.94

New user price: 17.46
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3 komentarze

  1. ten szary sweterek jest przepiękny :)

  2. Bardzo podobają mi się te bluzy i swetry. Warto już się w nie zaopatrzyć, aby nie kupować na ostatnią chwilę.

  3. I widzę, że już ubrania na święta są :D


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